Australian Graduate School of Leadership -- IMIA Centre

We specialise in assisting experienced executives discover their potential to facilitate achievement of challenging career changing outcomes.  We have learnt how to secure these personal transitions for participants under significant time pressures by leveraging past experience and relevant leadership theory and through collaborative action learning in new contexts that stimulate innovative outcomes.

The Doctor of Business Leadership provides candidates with an opportunity to prepare for a more demanding CEO role through personal development that builds on their MBA (or equivalent Master Degree) and at least ten years of leadership experience. Participants who successfully complete the program and are awarded doctor standing will have a better understanding of their approach to the practice of leadership and an ability to continuously evolve as a leader.

We also provide executive teams with facilitation that enhances their inspiration to effectively generate, develop and launch innovative products and services and that unlocks and monetise their organisation’s untapped potential.

Our leadership programs use blended delivery methodologies to enable easy integration of study with other demands on participants’ time.