Jessica Murphy

Dr Jess Murphy is the founder of Outside-In Business Advisory Services, a boutique advisory firm providing unique perspectives on business leadership, strategy and innovation with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. 

Recognising the importance of Australian organisations working and learning together, Jess is engaged as a thought leader, advisor, speaker and strategy principal.  Her recent clients include NAB, Coles and Wesfarmers.  Outcomes of her work include establishing the first Australian diversity supplier principles to be integrated in supplier agreements. She has further collaborated with McKinsey & Co. to highlight best practices for increasing female representation in leadership positions realised through an initiative of the Male Champions of Change, a group of Australia’s leading CEOs.

Jess has worked closely with government departments including the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the Department of Defence.  Initially engaged to provide feedback and advice for the “Review of Employment Pathways for APS Women in Department of Defence,” she was then further called upon to facilitate at the Army Women Forum.  Jess continues to cultivate a large network of relationships in both the public and private sector.

These collaborations demonstrate a strong ability to work effectively with others and the capacity to add value through multiple lenses given her unique insights across a broad range of industries and disciplines including retail sales and operations, product and channel development, IT, human capital, strategy and innovation. Her perspective and experience is now having an international impact, with Jess invited to speak at the 2014 Catalyst Awards Conference in New York. This gathering of experts is one of the strongest communities of change, shaping the global dialogue and individual organisational diversity and inclusion strategies.

Jess is a strong advocate for continual learning and the power of self-awareness to change the world. Jess’s doctoral thesis was inspired by her observations that traditional business leadership practices are becoming increasingly inadequate, particularly so with the growing trend of many modern organisations transitioning towards flatter structures. Jess was invited to share her insights at the 2014 Conference of Major Super Funds (CMSF), the premier idea-sharing event for Australia's $600 billion not-for-profit superannuation sector. 

Jess brings first-hand understanding to the challenges of working with top 10 ASX corporations and government departments including various committees and advisory groups. Her approach focuses on challenging the status quo by providing different perspectives and considerations for present and future objectives integrated with a strong framework of personal values.  This ensures she works with people and organisations where there is shared value and commitment to make a difference.