Becoming a Star Sales Performer

Star sales performers successfully overcome three challenges by creating support systems and using outsourcing to increase their efficiency and allow them to focus on higher value tasks, according to a study undertaken by the Australian Graduate School of Leadership.

The three challenges that sales performers must overcome to become superstars are:

  1. Administrative;
  2. Strategic; and
  3. Motivational.


1. The Administrative Challenge

An administrative challenge builds as stress from increasing workloads results in fatigue and a declining quality of family life. Repeatedly not being there when you said you would mounts and eventually reaches a breaking point; thinking “I do not know how much longer the family will put up with my coming home late at night and working weekends!” usually means an administrative challenge is imminent.

Family support is essential to star sales performance. A significant percentage of great business generators claimed that, in addition to keeping family commitments, decisions affecting the family, such as where to go on holiday or the next household luxury item to purchase, need to be shared decisions that are discussed by the whole family.


TIP:   Your family commitments override most work appointments – so don’t miss them!


Balancing the delivery of great sales performance and family responsibilities involves making time by working smarter:

  • Automate as many functions as possible; for example, event support, action reminders, and any other trigger situations that can be satisfied with a standardised response;
  • Continuously explore how client relationship development can be made more efficient; that is, with less effort required to move from one relationship stage to the next;
  • Delegate administrative functions wherever feasible, such as making appointments, some after sales client servicing and bookkeeping; and
  • Avoid scheduling important potentially open-ended client meetings before agreed family commitments.

Several high performing respondents claimed that failing to deal effectively with this challenge had led them to a divorce and, unfortunately, the lesson learned on how to balance their commitments was too late.


This is the first of a three part series.  Up next: The Strategic Challenge; followed by: The Motivational Challenge


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