Coaching Direct Reports

Effective coaching of direct reports significantly enhances team performance. Goleman highlights the following benefits associated with an “executive coaching” style and we have highlighted below in italics how this program builds an executive coaching style:

  • Enables employees to identify their unique strengths and weaknesses and links them with their personal and career aspirations – This program facilitates linking reports strengths and weaknesses to their career aspirations
  • Encourages employees to establish long-term development goals and helps them to conceptualise a plan for attaining them – This program provides the skills necessary to assist reports conceptualise a plan for achieving their career goals
  • Makes agreements with employees about their role and responsibilities in enacting development plans through instructions, feedback and delegation– How to establish performance agreement with reports that challenge, provide progress feedback, delegate appropriately and guide them through short-term failures are all essential coaching skills that will be addressed.

Developing a coaching style pushes up every driver of a supportive high performance culture to achieve this impact this program comprises the following stages:

Initial Workshop

Each participant is guided through a “Position Audit” as a basis for developing an individualised report and team coaching programs.
Coaching Support

Each participant coaching program benefits from inputs from a panel of experienced senior coaches and other participants.
Review Workshop

Participants share experiences derived from their coaching programs and a panel of experienced senior coaches provides suggestions.     


Coaching Panel

Professor Ramzi Fayed: Professor Fayed is the Executive Dean of the Australian Graduate School of Leadership and Director of the Doctor of Business Leadership Program at Torrens University Australia. Dr Fayed has led over 90 significant projects undertaken in collaboration with government departments, professional associations and multinational corporations. He has been a keynote speaker at over 100 national and international conferences, has a number of publications to his credit and has designed and facilitated leadership development programs in collaboration with government departments, business schools and professional institutes.

Dr Craigie Macfie: Dr Macfie's areas of specialty include international top-team coaching, leadership of cross-organisation coaching to support change initiatives and leadership development in general. Previous clients include Australian Super, Australian Taxation Office, Bain and Company, BHP Billiton, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Bank of Scotland, Cabinet Office London, International Red Cross, H. M. Treasury London, Medibank Private, National Australia Bank, Olympus, Origin Energy, PriceWaterhoseCoopers, Qantas, Scottish Executive, Siemens Business Services, South African Breweries and Telstra.

Professor Leigh Gassner: Professor Leigh Gassner was formerly Assistant Commissioner (Education) for Victoria Police. In the public sector he has advised on organisational performance and cultural change, strategy development and organisational re-positioning, and providing executive coaching and development programs in the finance, manufacturing and retail sectors.  Leigh’s experience has also included bringing together multiple and diverse stakeholders to achieve common outcomes, through meaningful dialogue and problem solving, including across organisations and sectors and even in complex social and community systems.

Program cost

  • $6800 (+GST) per participant.
  • Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants.
  • Includes workshop sessions, advice and feedback from experienced senior coaches and access to online support notes.


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