Enrolment and Course Details

Enrolment and Dates: The next official start date is listed on the course website page, however you can enrol and start studying at any time. To enrol, please click the Enrol Now button on the program website page.

Time Commitment:The program can be undertaken at anytime and anywhere there is internet access. Participants typically need to spend between 8 and 10 hours per week to successfully complete program work and the applied live assignment. It is advisable to set aside the necessary study period at the same time each week.

Enrolment Fees: Fees can be paid up front or by instalments.

Resources: Participants have online access to all course material and required readings and resources. Each program includes group teleconferences and individual support from faculty. Participants are also encouraged to arrange working groups at which faculty will participate if invited.

Accreditation: Participants who successfully complete the program are eligible to join AGSL’s Certified Leadership Practitioner Program and may be eligible for subject credits towards relevant postgraduate degrees at selected Australian universities (subject to university admission and credit criteria). Please see http://imia.edu.au/clp for more information about the Certified Leadership Practitioner Program.