Leadership Courseware Development


Launch new courses and secure enhanced performance in reduced timeframes with minimum hassle.


Over the past several decades, we have accumulated significant experience in specifying, developing, customising, accrediting and delivering courses at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master's and Doctoral level.

Our customised postgraduate courses have been successfully delivered to hundreds of executives from three of the four big banks in Australia, Telstra, News Ltd, Roche Pharma, AMP and many others from a broad range of sectors in Australia and internationally.


We can help you to:

  1. Specify and construct programs that serve unmet demand and achieve your strategic goals;
  2. Secure and maintain federal accreditation of your programs; and
  3. Deliver your programs by hosting them on your behalf or establishing an online courseware and student management system for your organisation.



1. Specify and construct programs


We help to identify gaps in the market that you could take advantage of, given your current course offerings, organisational strengths and capabilities, and market and strategic positioning. We undertake a competitive arena analysis to identify unmet market demands that can drive enrolment growth through application of our proprietary procedure, Strategic Arena Analysis®, which supports:

  • Extending the scope of relevant consideration to identify unmet market demand;
  • Adopting a multi-perspective approach to capture an increased range of course possibilities;
  • Determining course feasibility and developing course specifications; and
  • Structuring performance tracking milestones that secure required results and learning.

Once appropriate opportunities have been identified, we can help specify and construct relevant courseware, which can be customised to account for the needs of specific clients or sectors to target unmet demand in identified niches. We are able to deliver courses rapidly and cost effectively once we understand the development needs to be addressed.

Courses we create can include an on-job application component – participants apply course concepts to real performance challenges associated with their current role as part of their assignment work, which immediately enhances performance in the workplace and allows graduates to 'hit the ground running.'

We support the development Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master’s and Doctoral level courses (Australian Qualifications Framework levels 8, 9 and 10) that can be created to bespoke specifications or customised from our range of existing off-the-shelf courseware in the disciplines of management, leadership and marketing.



2. Secure and maintain federal accreditation


We can help to:

  • Establish a Governing Board that includes a diversity of relevant capabilities to satisfy registration requirements;
  • Constitute an Academic Board that includes sufficiently qualified and experienced members to satisfy registration requirements;
  • Audit corporate and academic governance in order to ensure appropriate policies, procedures and structures are in place to satisfy registration requirements;
  • Compile information into appropriate application forms and other documentation in order to submit an application for your organisation to be registered as a higher education provider;
  • Develop course structures and materials that satisfy Australian Qualifications Framework standards at levels 8, 9 and 10;
  • Compile information into appropriate application forms and other documentation in order to submit an application for accreditation of your course as an accredited higher education course of study; and
  • Manage and support the registration and accreditation processes (including re-registration and re-accreditation) by coordinating responses to TEQSA queries and requests for further information.



3. Deliver your programs


We can host your program and deliver it online to enrolled candidates through our Participant Administration and Support System (PASS) or we can help you to implement, operate and maintain a learner and content management system of your own.

If your organisation elects to implement its own learner and content management system, we can help with licensed proprietary applications or provide mature and dependable open source solutions that achieve the same (or sometimes better) results at a fraction of the cost.



The scale of support we provide is determined by your needs.




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