Personalised Development

Personalised development delivers learning targeted at an individual’s personal needs. For time poor executives this approach deals with competency gaps in a fraction of the time of traditional development.

To undertake your role responsibilities to the best of your ability (or to prepare for your next role) you need to know how your current competencies compare with the competency profile of the role and how to rapidly close any gaps between the two. What is required is an effective competency gap analysis followed by an efficient learning program that is customised to your specific competency development requirements.

Evaluate and Eliminate Competency Gaps

  1. Competency review, based on the critical competencies defined in the role description.
  2. Competency review responses are evaluated, resulting in a personalised development prescription.
  3. A customised development program is constructed, based on the personalised development prescription.
  4. The learning program is delivered through a blend of online, face-to-face and telephone support from AGSL’s extensive faculty network.
  5. A competency review process ensures gaps have been eliminated and participants are then role certified.


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