Innovative Co-operation for a Better Society

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Innovative leadership development collaborations between private and not-for-profit executives supported by the Australian Scholarships Foundation




Have you ever been amazed at how certain people can instantly tell if a proposed initiative will succeed?


The ability to make such rapid judgments is based on robust strategic leadership acumen, which is developed by learning and practicing how to assess cost/benefit/risk consequences.




The community in which an organisation is embedded has long been recognised as an important stakeholder. Through the application of innovative business acumen to the operations of not for profit organisations, business executives can contribute to securing a better society while fine tuning their own leadership competence.

As the complexity of doing business has increased, we have tended to become more insular and shorter term in our strategic focus at a time when the opposite is urgently needed.

This program brings together successful executives from different contexts, business and not-for-profit, to collaborate in the pursuit of innovative performance enhancement that fosters expansive personal development in line with joint aspirations and to the benefit of our community.

It stimulates leadership development through innovative collaborations that enhance the contribution not-for-profit organisations can make to achieve a better society.




This program introduces a 5 step approach to creatively identifying possibilities that can be converted into successful innovative action:


  1. Develop a focused specification of the desired outcome, given an understanding of the not-for-profit’s Strategic Arena;

  2. Facilitate the emergence of solution possibilities through creativity enhancement procedures;

  3. Evaluate possibilities generated and select a draft solution strategy;

  4. Test and refine the draft strategy with identified stakeholders, given an understanding of stakeholder expectations;

  5. Specify a feasible action plan and budget, including a risk management plan.





Program Process

The program is designed to deliver a better understanding of oneself as a leader by engaging in and reflecting on how we foster and deal with innovation.

We then learn how to deal with leadership challenges that require effective collaborations involving activity coordination, communicating empathetically, building trust, anticipating relational needs, facilitating the flow of creative possibilities, interpreting early warning signs of shifts in stakeholder expectations and other potential relational threats and tying it all together by striking acceptable compromises.

Participants who successfully complete the program are eligible to become members of the Certified Leadership Practitioner Program.



Overview of Program Stages

Stage 1: Setup

1 week

Key Activities

Determine dates, venues and participants. Prepare initiative evaluation and selection panel composition guidelines.

Key Outcomes

Agree program implementation plan.

Stage 2: Workshop 1

2 days

Key Activities

Program introduction: purpose, guidelines, support resources, FAQs and dates. Clarifying the challenge that will be addressed and specifying the desired outcomes. Forming a team and establishing an action plan.

Key Outcomes

Expand the scope of strategic thinking and ensuring clarity of purpose.

Stage 3: Post Workshop 1

4 weeks

Key Activities

Supported resolution action following the innovation process outlined.

Key Outcomes

Specify and prepare an innovative draft strategy to resolve the selected not for profit leadership challenge, as a basis for determining stakeholder reactions.

Stage 4: Workshop 2

2 days

Key Activities

Present and review proposed resolution strategy. Deal with the identified issues, agree resolution strategy integration needs and determine work to be completed.

Key Outcomes

Understand strategic leadership acumen in the not for profit context.

Stage 5: Post Workshop 2

6 weeks

Key Activities

Supported leadership initiative finalisation within a presentation to a Review Panel.

Key Outcomes

Fine tune strategy development and presentation skills.

Stage 6: Workshop 3

2 days

Key Activities

Presentations of proposed resolution action to Review Panel and feedback from panel. Review program and consequences for future personal development. Graduation.

Key Outcomes

Specify individual and collective post program actions to be taken and by when.

Optional Implementation Support

Facilitation for a further six weeks to assist with implementation of approved initiatives.





Enrolment and Fees

Next Start: This program is run on demand for groups of participants
Duration: 12 weeks
Enrolment Fees: $6700 per participant
Faculty: Dr Ramzi Fayed and other faculty to be determined by program initiatives undertaken
More details: Enrolment and Course Details



Information for scholarship sponsors





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