Jessica Murphy

Dr Jess Murphy is the founder of two start-ups: Variant Perspectives Group - a boutique consulting firm and Pathway to Your Potential - a leadership, talent and diversity consultancy delivering transformational change to organisations.

She is a global strategic alliance partner with Mercer, has had a seat at the table with Male Champions of Change since its inception and convenes the Australian Institute of Architects' group since 2015. From guest speaker and facilitator for Melbourne's School of Government Pathway to Politics Program through to working with at-risk youth, she does her best to cut across the fabric of society.

Jess brings first-hand understanding to the challenges of working with global firms, top 10 ASX corporations and government departments including various committees and advisory groups. Her approach focuses on challenging the status quo by providing different perspectives and considerations for present and future objectives integrated with a strong framework of personal values. This ensures she works with people and organisations where there is shared value and commitment to make a difference.

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