Martin Robson

PhD, BSocSc(Hons)

Dr Martin Robson studied social science, business and law after careers in the banking and IT industries. He was awarded the University Medal in 2004, an APA Scholarship in 2007, and earned his PhD at the University of New England in 2011.

Dr Robson contributes to popular, business and academic literature. His core interest is shedding light on the centrality of ‘feeling’ to behaviour and decision-making at individual and collective levels in organisations. Most recently, he contributed to two books about intuition published internationally by leading scholars. His contributions detailed the findings and implications of his research about the use and disclosure of “gut feelings” by elite Australian leaders.

He currently works as an academic consultant to a number of academic institutions, specialising in organisational development and leadership. Dr Robson speaks professionally about intuition in decision-making and manages the website

Dr Robson also has an interest in Indonesian/Australian business relations and is active as a consultant in Indonesia.