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A Warm Welcome to AGSL Alumni from the Executive Dean

Dear AGSL Alumni

Prepare to more effectively assume overall leadership responsibility within a substantial multi-business unit organisation operating in intensely competitive national and global markets. The DBL involves a learning journey that has been identified by corporate leaders as vital to deal with increasingly complex. and dynamic contexts...

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If you’d like to better understand the AGSL, where we come from and what we focus on, you’ll find some interesting information here.

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You could upgrade your academic qualifications, or demonstrate their ongoing relevance through accreditation as a Certified Leadership Practitioner. Find out all about it here

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See who they are, where they are located and what careers they are following. Read the awesome stories they have to tell us.  When and where will we meet up next?

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See who they are, where they are located and what careers they are following.

Research in Progress

Read about the post-graduate research being undertaken by some of our talented doctoral candidates.

Latest Alumni Interview

Michael Gobits, Deputy Dean of AGSL, presents another vibrant interview with an AGSL alumnus.

AGSL Graduations

You’ll find photos of the latest AGSL Graduations here.
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